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The Journey To


Ellis Morley- 26/01/20 

The Ethics of Identity 

Keely Morley 27/10/19 

The Struggle Is Real

Andrew Jackson- 13/10/19 

You Know You

Want To                  

Keely Morley - 15/09/19 

Identity Conf 2019 Highlights

Venture 2019 Highlights

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Life Story Sunday!

Lindsay Bruce- 28/04/19 

Fix your eyes on Jesus! - 2020 Vision

Roy Morley - 24/03/19 

Hidden Wounds and the Power of Christ

Jay Fallon - 17/03/19

Go Viral Series

Identity Conf 2019 Promo

The Truth Is Series

I Choose Surrender

Andrew Jackson- 05/01/20 

Identity Theft

Tony Taiwo 20/10/19 

Impossible Faith

Roy Morley - 23/06/19 

The Big Event

Dave Niblock - 09/06/19 

Project 20 Connect Group

Built to Last Series


Roy Morley - 31/03/19 

Moving Forward!

"God, that's only the start."

Don't miss

the moment.

Andrew Jackson - 27/01/19

Ethiopia 2018

Formation Series