Please consider tithing by Standing Order.

The only income that the church gets is from offerings and giving can fluctuate quite widely at times during the year.  

Giving our 10% to God is biblical and we have sought to make it as easy as possible for you to bring your tithe into God's house. Tithing by standing order helps the church tremendously because we can then budget knowing what our regular income will be. 
The details for setting up a Standing Order are:

Reliance Bank

Sort Code      60-01-73

Account No   00248030

You can still give your offerings during Sunday services. You can now give by debit card using the envelopes, by cheque (made payable to ‘Net Church Dartford’), or by cash. Simply complete the envelopes provided. If you are using your debit card ensure you put the name as printed on your card on the envelope and check all the digits are correct once you have completed it. 


If you pay income tax...

Please tick the little box and then we can claim gift aid back from the government on each donation that you make.  It really helps the finance team if you always add a contact telephone number so that if they do have any problems or queries they can contact you.  If you would like to take 2-3 envelopes home to fill these out in advance of the Sunday services please ask a welcome team member and they will get some for you. 

If you have any questions please email our Finance Team Lead Terri at Terri@thenetchurch.co.uk 


Then please sign up for Gift Aid!

It is not often we get something for free but IF YOU ARE AN INCOME TAX PAYER for every £1 you give to the church we get an additional 25p FREE from the Government. This is incredibly helpful to the church and so we ask everyone who pays income tax or capital gains tax if they would please consider signing up to this scheme. Net Church will take your donation, which is money you have already paid tax on, and reclaim the basic rate of tax from HMRC on its gross equivalent. 

There are two ways you can sign up for this scheme

  1. Sign and complete one of our weekly envelopes and tick the little box underneath the gift aid declaration box.

  2. Ask Terri or Macdonald for a Gift Aid Declaration Form DARTFORD. Ask David Rapson for a Gift Aid Declaration Form WOOLWICH. or a Gift Aid Declaration Form. 

**If you are not a tax payer please do let us know otherwise you could receive a tax bill if you sign up for gift aid. Also, if your address details or contact information changes please do let us know as soon as possible or if you would like to cancel being part of this scheme at any time. We appreciate each and every one of you who are already signed up to this scheme. For more info or to answer any questions email Terri@thenetchurch.co.uk