We are so excited about meeting with you again - you can now book your place for the whole of August!


Please do make sure that you read the booking and safety instructions carefully so that we can all return to church safely.


Booking Instructions:


1. Please select the option to buy your seats on the map.

2. Select a seating row that has the right number of seats for your family.

3. Select all seats in that row ( even if you don't need the final one!) so that we can make sure we adhere to social distancing.

4. Fill in the required booking information for each person attending in your family - but please keep the contact email and phone number the same for each person. 

5. Make a note of the coloured block you are sitting in; your seat number and the entrance point for the day. 


We have missed you and can't wait to see you soon. 


Love from The Net Church Leadership Team

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01322 272649

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