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11am service every Sunday

Welcome Home

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We are a contemporary, growing church right in the heart of Dartford. We are the church where anyone from the street can just walk in and feel right at home. No matter how old or young you are, Net Church has something for you. We have found that knowing Jesus has totally changed our lives.


Jesus transforms people, heals, brings purpose, forgives, loves and brings hope.

Check out all that happens on our 'What's on' page. We are really committed to making a difference to Dartford and the surrounding areas.

Contact us!

01322 272649

Net Church,

Spital Street, Dartford, DA1 2DL

Find Us

We have free car parking available on Sundays at the rear of our building (36 spaces) or you can have free parking in Westgate Car Park in Kent Road, or free car parking in Sainsburys and just use the walk through to come via our back car park (postcode DA1 2HL). These are all within 1 minutes walk from our building. We have a car parking team who will point you in the right direction and provide any assistance you require. Our venue car park is DA1 2DL.

The following routes bring you past our Church - 409 and the 428

The nearest station is 'Dartford'. Simply cross the bridge directly in front of the station towards The Orchard Theatre. Then turn left onto Hythe Street, turn right onto Westgate Rd, turn left onto Kent Road and walk into Spital Street. It will take 7 minutes from the station exit to Spital Street.

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