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Welcome to Addis Ababa!

We are a contemporary, growing church right in the heart of Ethiopia, meeting at Harmony Hotel. We are the church where anyone from the street can just walk in and feel right at home. No matter how old or young you are, Net Church has something for you.  We have found that knowing Jesus has totally changed our lives.


Jesus transforms people, heals, brings purpose, forgives, loves and brings hope.


Check out all that happens on our 'What's on' page.  We are really committed to making a difference to Woolwich and the surrounding areas.    

Sunday service starts at 3:00pm!

What's on this week?

Find out what's happening at Net Church Addis Ababa

Contact us below and see the great events and ministries we have running at church in Ethiopia!


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two blocks beside/ away from  telecommunications around Kadisko, Saris,

Addis Ababa


Who to contact?


Kumneger Mesafint


Shelem Bekele

Kumne and Shaleme are the main point of contact for the Addis Ababa congregation leaders. 


Church Life

Net Church Addis Ababa is our newest branch! If you would like to know more about any events or ministries then click below! We'd love for you to get in touch!