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Equipping to Serve!

Equipping you for service!

Net Bible Academy has a clear vision: To equip you for service! (Ephesians 4:12)

We offer three streams of teaching which form part of a wider Christian ministry and leadership focus:





We offer various courses including a one year Certificate in Christian Ministry or a two year Diploma course.


We also have individual 8 week module courses available plus you can also sign up for one of our biblical language courses (Hebrew or Greek).

For full information on each course see below.

Courses Available


Christology Course

A great 8 week online course that will explore who Jesus is, both His divinity and His humanity, His purpose and role .


Starting Wednesday 30th September this online course will be held in a private facebook group so even if you aren't available for all of the sessions you will be able to catch up. Great notes will be provided and you will learn in an interactive forum about the person and work of Jesus.


By completing this course, you'll gain knowledge of:

  1. Jesus: Fully God

  2. Jesus: Fully Man

  3. Jesus in the Trinity

  4. Jesus in the Old Testament

  5. The Incarnation

  6. Jesus is sinless

  7. Jesus' Ministry

  8. Jesus' Transforming Message

  9. Galilean Ministry

  10. Judean Ministry

  11. Jesus' Death

  12. The Resurrection

  13. A New Covenant

  14. Commission and Ascension

  15. Jesus' Return


The final session will involve group participation.

This 8-week course (including sixteen sessions) starts on the 30th September 2020. Book in today and get ready. This course will be phenomenal!



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