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Who are we?
Why do we
care so much?

We are a warm, friendly, welcoming church with people of all ages and backgrounds. We love people and live to make a difference where we live by sharing the love of Jesus in both word and action.


Senior Leaders

Roy Morley has been a Christian since 1989 and been in church leadership since 1994. Roy has a BA Hons Degree in Biblical Theology from Mattersey Bible College and a Masters Degree from King’s College, London. He is an amazing visionary leader who installs passion and motivates people to action for Jesus. Roy has a heart to build a church that is Bible-based and contemporary and relevant. A church where the man and woman on the street can walk in and feel comfortable, and a church that regularly reaches out into the communities around. A church that leads people to Jesus, grows strong, mature, passionate disciples and ever expands God’s Kingdom here on earth. He has been married since 1990 (happily we might add), to Keely and they have two great children called Ellis and Rohan.

Keely Morley is a dynamic leader who became a Christian literally one day before Roy in 1989. She is passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus and grow in their knowledge of His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Keely has been in church leadership since 1994 and has a BA Hons Degree in Biblical Theology from Mattersey Bible College. Keely is a strategist who puts the bones to the vision and she is great at motivating people into finding their function and purpose and flourishing in doing it.  


Lead, Grow, Build

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Lead people to Jesus locally, nationally and internationally.

Grow strong, mature Christians, who are fully released in their God given ministries.

Build significant, big local churches that are modern and relevant in the 21st century. 

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“Throw your net on the
other side”

The name of our church comes from the passage in John 21:1-6 where Jesus asked the disciples to “Throw your net on the other side”. They had been up all night fishing and caught nothing but when Jesus got involved and they followed his instructions they had such a big catch their nets couldn't contain it.

Our vision as a church is to cast the 'Net' over the South East of England so that people may know Jesus. To do whatever Jesus asks us to do and in the way he asks us to do it. We want to reach our communities with the good news that following Jesus changes lives.

Simply put, what we believe

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